Evan B. Peters was born in Riverside, California. He was introduced to film at a young age. From the time he saw King Kong on a tiny TV screen, sitting on the edge of his bed, his imagination would never allow him to be contained to a single place in a single time.

He began acting at age 10 in the Prescott Community Theater in Prescott, Arizona, landing the lead roles in every production. At age 13 he was relocated to a small town in Kansas, where he began experimenting in screenwriting. He would eventually land in Louisville, Kentucky, where he enrolled and was accepted into the Youth Performing Arts School. It was here he would learn of his ability and desire to direct.

When he was 16 he wrote his first short film, Wheelchair Defender, a 50 minute mockumentary about video gamers. The 50 minute short film featured a cast of more than 20 actors ages 13 to 60; was shot on location in businesses and homes around the city; and pioneered scripted in-game action sequences utilizing the online video game Counter-Strike. Wheelchair Defender screened at the first World Series of Video Games in Louisville, Kentucky and brought Evan into the spotlight for local filmmakers.

While still in High School, Evan was employed by local filmmakers and comedians to bring their visions to life, by the age of 18 he was hired as the director of photography and editor of a feature film.

Over the next decade, Evan would continue to collaborate with filmmakers and companies across the country, traveling to Hawaii and Costa Rica on separate occasions to tell different businesses’ stories.

Evan is readily looking for new people to help tell their stories. He offers his knowledge, experience and artistic input as tools to help you get your message across. If you have anything you want other people to know about, Evan B. Peters can make an engaging video piece that will capture and communicate with your target audience.