The Terminator, A Love Story


I heard this song on the radio while driving one day and I flashed on the concept of this music video. The three breaks in the song coincided perfectly with the three main action sequences. I originally released this with just the shoot out SFX but it always bugged me every time I would watch it, so I went back and put them in. It makes the video. Honestly the original wasn’t completed. I made a few slight changes, like including “I’ll be back” (DUH!!).

It blows me away how well the song lends itself to the telling of this story. It’s like it was made for it. I would love for the band to see this and hear what they think. Of course, it would be an absolute honor and dream come true if James Cameron saw and commented on this. I think he would appreciate the distilling of the love story down into this 3 minute piece. I think it’s really beautiful.

I think overall the video speaks to how incredible of a film The Terminator is and what a beautiful love story it actually is at its core.


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